Hotspots in Leiden #1

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 10:07:00

Hi guys!

Some of you may know it already, but since January I'm living on my own in Leiden!
Leiden is one of the big student cities in The Netherlands. I'm studying Psychology here at Leiden University so that's why I've moved to Leiden. 
Leiden has a lot of cute hotspots for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just some drinks. That's why I wanted to start this new series, sharing my favourite hotspots in Leiden at the moment with you. 
I have already posted a Hotspots in Rotterdam #1, I will also post a new post about hotspots in Rotterdam soon!
For now, enjoy this post! Let me know if you have ever visited Leiden or, if you are from Leiden, have visited one of these hotspots before!

Lot en de Walvis

Isn't this place the cutest? I really love the interior of this breakfast/lunch/dinner spot. I'm a sucker for interiors with a lot of wood and many plants. So "Instagramable". I've eaten here twice already and I know for sure I will go back soon again! 
Lot en de Walvis (Lot and the Whale) is opened from 9AM untill 1AM every day, so you can eat here but also enjoy some drinks here at night. I would definitely recommend to eat at this place. It's located at the harbour of Leiden which gives you an amazing view. Because of the location, many dishes include fish like salmon or mackerel. But no worries if you're not a fan of fish, there are enough dishes without fish like pancakes and Eggs Benedict. If you're not convinced yet that you have to visit Lot en de Walvis, just take a look at my food pictures below and I'm sure you won't hesitate anymore! ;) 

Lot en de Walvis
Haven 1, Leiden
Mo-Su 09:00-01:00

Aan De Rijn

Another cute hotspot is Aan De Rijn. You can enjoy lunch or dinner here or just grab a drink with friends. I really love the concept of this restaurant. Instead of choosing one big dish, you can choose different small dishes for a small price. If you're like me and always have trouble with choosing what to eat because you like all the dishes on the menu, this place is the perfect spot for you! You can choose them all! Well, I wouldn't choose them ALL, because that's a lot. but at least more than one dish. ;) During sunny weather you can sit outside on the terrace, which is on a boat in the canal. The interior is also really cute, with a lot of wood and a green, white and blue colour palette. I've eaten here three times already and I'm planning to go back soon! Again, if you're not convinced yet, just look at the food and you know why you have to go... ;)

Aan De Rijn
Nieuwe Rijn 37, Leiden
Mo from 12PM
Tu-Su from 11AM

So what do you think of these hotspots? Would you visit them? 
If you're familiar in Leiden, what are your favourite hotspots? 
I hope you like this new series, I love to discover cute hotspots, so I'm definitely going to continue with these kind of posts!

x Sherilynn

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2 reacties

  1. Deze twee ken ik nog niet. Volgende keer eens kijken als ik weer in Leiden ben (woon zelf in Katwijk). Ik heb laatst wel bij Einstein gegeten. Heerlijk eten voor niet heel veel.

    1. Bij Einstein heb ik weleens wat gedronken, maar volgende keer dus combineren met eten haha als ik het zo hoor! :)