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Hi! This summer I had a very different kind of vacation than I am used to. I took the Transsiberian Express from Moscow to Beijing. It was a real adventure, but more about that later.. Today I am going to show you the beauty of the capital of Russia!

Visiting Moscow was part of a longer trip for me. I have always find Russia attractive and therefore I was really happy we are able to finally go there. We spend three days in the capital and I think it manages perfectly for a city trip. Moscow is not comparable to traditional European cities like Barcelona, Paris or London. Russia is a communist country and that has been holding people back from visiting I think. Moscow and St. Petersburg are becoming more popular lately which I totally get. In just three hours flying (from Amsterdam) you will be in a completely different world. 

There is one thing that symbolizes Moscow and that is this cathedral (Basilium Cathedral). You can find it on the Red Square which is the main place to be. It exceeded all my expectations. The architecture and colors are really beautiful and feels a bit like a fairy tale or Disney to me. I did not know, but a lot of buildings in Moscow look like this. It is so beautiful!

We visited a lot of churches, but this one was one of my favorites. There is a large bridge you have to walk to be near to the church. While walking this bridge you can see the golden tops and this beautifully colored flower passage. 

The Izmailovsky Market is my biggest recommendation. Not a lot of blogs write about this when they give tips for Moscow, but it is a must see. I found this place while scrolling through Instagram and again it felt like Disney to me. This place is only 40 minutes travelling from the center by subway. It is a very big castle-like place were everything is 100% Russian. They sell traditional food and souvenirs, do performances (music but also smithing), have a vodka museum and people can hire a stand to sell their old stuff.

If you want to have a day off, go to the Gorky Park. They have a huge amount of chill spots and some cool art. There are always people dancing, singing or having other activities.

I hope you have got a clear picture of Moscow. Personally, I think it's a beautiful (and clean) city where is much to see and experience. Please let me know if you have ever been there or are planning to go there soon!


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