H&M Outlet Rotterdam

By Karlijn Hartveld - 19:28:00

Hey everyone!
Two weeks ago the H&M outlet in Rotterdam opened his doors. 
I believe this is the first one in The Netherlands.

(bron ad.nl)
I wasn't at the opening, because it was too busy.
My friend sent me pictures of people queuing all over the streets in front of the store.
She waited for 2 hours before she got in haha so I decided to go another time. 
Now it's a lot more quiet and you can easily shop.

(bron: ad.nl)

The benefits:
- Cheap stuff, minimum price of 1 euro
- It's as big as an normal H&M store
- They sell everything; clothes, shoes, jewelry and even stuff for your home
- You can change everything within a week
- You can get a lot of cute stuff for the same price as one new item

The disadvantages: 
- No fitting rooms
- A lot of the same stuff
- Damaged clothes
- Clothes from 'last year'

So here's what I bought:

Peplum top: €5,-

Skirt: €3,-

Jacket: €10,-

Check the products before you buy them! Mine are good quality luckily and everything fitted! 

-xxx- Karlijn

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5 reacties

  1. Nice products! I wish I lived there omg and I am so in love with your peplum! :)

    1. thanks me too :) there might be one in your area some time!

  2. Lijkt me ook leuk om daar heen te gaan! Wel jammer dat je het niet kunt passen, maar dan heb je wel goedkope items :)

    1. Klopt! In de winkel kan je vestjes natuurlijk al wel passen, maar broeken worden lastig. Als je dichtbij woont maakt het niet uit want dan kan je zo terug om je spullen te ruilen!

  3. Leuke items kocht je! Ik was pas ook in Rotterdam geweest!