Essence Nude Lipsticks

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 14:48:00

Hey guys!

Today I thought I'd share my favourite lipsticks at the moment with you. After I'd read a review on them on veracamilla, I had to buy them and try them out. Do you wanna know which lipsticks I bought and what I think of them? Then read along...

After reading Vera Camilla's review I went to the local drug store where they're selling the brand Essence. Luckily, they had all the colours of the collection (sometimes the store only has a few), so I could go for the two that I wanted the most. They were only €2,39 so that's why I bought two of them. I chose number 3 and number 5 of the Essence Longlasting Nude collection: Come Naturally and Cool Nude, the two darkest colours of the collection. I'm not a fan of light lipsticks so that's why I chose the dark ones.

The packaging is pretty simple, but I really like it. The packaging has the exact colour of the lipstick itself, so you know what kinda colour you're buying. I also think the packaging looks pretty cool on photographs.

Come Naturally is a brownish purple nude colour. It's a colour I'd wear on a day when I want to spend more time on my make-up or when I'm going out but I'm not in the mood for red lips. I love the fact that the lipstick doesn't feel dry at all, because I have really dry lips at the moment.

 Cool Nude is a pink nude colour. Lately, I've been wearing this lipstick on a daily basis. It's just the perfect colour for regular school days: you can see I'm wearing lipstick, but it's not too obvious. This lipstick is also creamy, so it doesn't dry my lips out like the M.A.C. Diva (though I also love that lipstick a lot).

So these are my new favourite lipsticks. What do you think of them? Have you tried them out yet? Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more posts like these! 

x Sherilynn

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8 reacties

  1. I have a pink version of that lipstick they are really smooth! I wonder how this one looks on yo, nice review!

    1. They're such a nice quality! Aw thank you! I wanted to make pictures while I was wearing the lipsticks but it just didn't turn out like I wanted...

  2. Dat zijn mooie kleuren! Ik draag zelf ook liever donkere kleuren.

  3. oeh nice! Ik heb zelf veel nude lipsticks van Flormar, die zijn ook erg mooi!


    1. Oh die ken ik nog niet! Ik ga ze eens opzoeken (:

  4. Echt hele mooie kleuren!