Spring Looks #3

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 07:00:00

Hey guys!

Welcome to the last post of our Spring Lookbook! We hope you enjoyed these posts, and if you want to see more like these, please leave a comment below! We are mainly a fashion blog, so we'd love to make more posts like these! For now, enjoy our last two looks for spring!

Karlijn:  My last outfit is not that spectucalair. It's just casual for a summer day or a night out. You have different ways though to wear the top. If you use a whole white shirt beneath the striped one it will look like the bottom picture. If you use a crop top you'll see the stripes more, but also some of your belly haha. I combined it with a floral cap and a simple cute necklace.

Top: Primark (€6,-)
Top underneath: Primark (€2,-)
Cap: Urban Outfitters (€7,-)
Necklace: Paradise Goodies (€5,99)
Sunglasses: New Look (€5,-)

Sherilynn:  For my last outfit of our Spring Lookbook I chose my new playsuit I've shown here before. I really love the colours of it and the print, perfect for spring. I combined it with a black cardigan to make it look more casual and more wearable for ordinary days. The shoes are my favourite ones of summer 2014 and I'm gonna wear them a lot again this summer because I love them so much. I talked about the hat here before, it's such a good staple piece for spring! You can wear it with almost everything and that's exactly what I'm gonna do haha. 
Again, it was really good weather the day we were shooting these photos, so that's why I have bare legs. If it's a bit colder, you can wear the playsuit with some tights and a pair of boots.

Playsuit: Primark (€9,-)
Cardigan: Brandy Melville (€21,- so cheap for Brandy!)
Hat: Topshop (€30,-)
Shoes: New Look (€29,99)

We hope you liked it! What are your favourite clothing items for Spring? We loved shooting these outfits, so we will do more outfits and lookbooks in the future, if you like! What do you guys think of some festival looks as we're going to two festivals this year?

-xxx- Karlijn & Sherilynn

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12 reacties

  1. Het is weer duidelijk dat ik snel nog eens langs moet bij de primark...
    Ps. Ik geef momenteel een box weg. Zin om mee te doen?

    1. Ja, ze hebben echt leuke dingen op dit moment! Oeh ik zal even een kijkje gaan nemen :)

  2. Wow I love your top! and that playsuite omg goals. I have a primark near me so I will soon take a look there :D Nice blogpost! :)

    1. Aw thank you so much! They have such nice stuff at the moment, you should definitely take a look!

  3. Wat een leuke outfits! Ik was twee weken geleden voor het eerst bij de Primark (ja schandalig eigenlijk) en heb er ook goed geshopt!

    1. Dankjewel! Haha ik kwam er eerst ook nooit, maar sinds er een Primark zit vlakbij m'n school, kom ik er echt te vaak :P

  4. De 2e look vind ik erg leuk :) Mijn favoriete item voor de lente en zomer is de high waist short! En festival looks zou leuk zijn ! Ik ga zelf ook naar 2 festivals namelijk: Solar en Mysteryland ~

    1. Dankjewel! High-waisted shorts zijn voor mij ook echt een must voor de lente en de zomer :) Oeh leuk! Wij gaan naar Rock Werchter en Pukkelpop!