December (Winter Break) Favourites

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Hey guys! It's been a while, I'm sorry. I've been very busy with school, the last two weeks before winter break I had mid terms so I didn't have the time to blog. But now I have and I'm gonna try to post at least two new blogposts during this winter break. Also, I hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted! I don't get presents for Christmas because I already get presents with Saint Nicholas (a Dutch feast) on December 5th. Some of those gifts I'll show you in this post just as some of my birthday gifts. I turned 19 on November 19th and I wanted to do a 'What I got for my birthday' but I totally forgot about it. Anyways, in this post I will tell you about my December favourites, especially my winter break favourites.

Fashion Favourites:

My first fashion favourite is this cute Christmas sweater a friend got me for my birthday. It is dark blue with a gingebread man on it. The sweater is from Primark and it is really cosy and big and I love it so much. While writing this post I'm wearing it, because it's the last day of Christmas, in other countries known as Boxing Day. But I'll probably continue wearing it after this day cuz it's just so cosy.

My next favourite fashion item are these Cosy Socks from Primark. They were in a two-pack but I like this pair the most. They are black with red hearts all over it and very soft and warm, perfect for winter. You can pretty much wear them everyday; in bed, in boots or when you just want to feel comfortable during studying (that's what I did). I believe that the two-pack was €3,50. Primark has them in many other colours and designs.  

The next two fashion favourites are shoes, to be more specific two pair of boots. They are both Chelsea boots but they're not the same. The first pair are Chelsea Boots from New Look. They're faux leather and really comfortable. They were €30. I wear them almost everyday, they're perfect for school.

The other pair of Chelsea boots is from Primark. They were only €19 so I couldn't leave them behind. I really wanted a pair of boots with chunky heels because I have bad ankles and can't walk on thin, high heels but on these I can. The quality is pretty good for €19 and I really like to wear them going out. 

Beauty Favourites:

My first beauty favourite is also one of my favourite birthday gifts: Urban Decay's Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette. I wanted it so bad and I'm so happy my friends bought it for me. I've already used it a few times and the colours are so beautiful and great quality. I'm also in love with the packaging, it's simple but you know what they say: less is more.

Another birthday gift I've been loving is the perfume Red Sin by Christina Aguilera. My little sister bought it for me. I have a lot of Christina Aguilera's perfumes, because the smell is sweet but not too sweet. They're more like a sexy sweet, I don't know how to describe it differently haha. I also think the packaging looks really cute. 

 The next two beauty favourites are two lipliners of the brand Essence: number 5 Soft Berry and number 8 Red Blush. I bought these to try out lipliner and I fell in love. I think they're easier to apply than lipstick and perfect if you don't want bold lips. They also last longer than the lipsticks I have. These lipliners are really cheap, only €1, but the quality is really good. Soft Berry is a dark pink red colour and Red Blush is a slightly dark red colour. 

Favourite Music:

At the moment my favourite music albums are Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour and 
Arctic Monkeys' Suck It And See.

I got Sam Smith's album from my parents for Saint Nicholas. I'd told my mum I really wanted his album because he is such an amazing singer and I love his songs. My favourite song of the album is I'm Not The Only One.

Karlijn got me this album of the Arctic Monkeys for my birthday along with a CD of The Kooks and a live DVD of Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is my third album of Arctic Monkeys, I already had Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and Favourite Worst Nightmare. Yesterday I ordered Humbug so I only need AM and I will have all of their albums. I really love Arctic Monkeys, Karlijn and I saw them live this year at the festival Rock Werchter. My favourite song of Suck It and See is probably Don't Sit Down Cuz I've Moved Your Chair, but I also really like Reckless Serenade.

Other Favourites:

Another Primark favourite! You would think I was sponsored but truly I'm not (I wish haha). I actually never buy candles but I saw this one at Primark and I thought why not try it out to get in the festive spirit? Plus it was only €1 or something. The package of the candle says it smells like cinnamon and maple and wow it is amazing. If you love cinnamon, like me, I would recommend this candle because your whole room will smell like cinnamon. Now I understand why people love to buy candles.

I bought this book during summer break in Paris and I saved it for winter break to read. It's a perfect book for winter break because the story takes place on Christmas Eve. I'm not finished with the book yet because I just started reading it but I already love it. The book is divided in three stories written by three different authors but they collide with each other. I'm probably gonna read further after finishing this post.

I bought this film called The Phantom of the Opera for my mother for Saint Nicholas because I knew she would love it just as much as I love it. We watched this movie during Art at school and after five minutes I knew this film would be one of my favourites films I've ever seen. The story is just amazing and the music: wow. Everytime after Art class I was singing and whistling the songs of the Phantom, you just can't get them out of your head. Seriously, if you love musicals, you should've seen this film. My mum and I have watched the film already twice
and I think we'll watch it again during this winter break.

 I hope you liked this post, feel free to comment! 

What are your winter break favourites?
What kinda blog posts would you like to see?

x Sherilynn

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