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Hey guys!
How have you been?
I hope you all have had a great summer, I definitely had! I am already back at uni for almost a month now and it has been so busy. I have started with my Bachelor thesis, which is super interesting but really time consuming. Besides my thesis I also have a specialisation course, which asks a lot of effort too. That is why I haven't got time to write about my vacation yet, but I hope I will be posting about it soon!
Today I wanna talk about how I would plan a party. I was asked by Paperless Post to do a collab with them and write about party planning.  In November, I am turning 22 and since I didn't celebrate my 21th birthday big, I wanna give a big birthday party this year. I am thinking of giving a birthday dinner and I already have some ideas, which I will share with you in a minute. Leave a comment below and let me know what you're party planning tricks are!

When planning something, I always like to make a list of things to do to stay organized and to make sure I don't forget anything. For planning a party, my to do-list would look like this:
- get inspired
- theme & dresscode
- time and date
- invitations
- decoration
- food & drinks
- music & photos

1. Get Inspired
To get inspired, I love to use Pinterest. I am pretty sure you all know the site Pinterest and you probably all love it as much as I do. It is just the perfect spot to get inspired for anything! I have made a special board for my 22nd Birthday, so I have an overview of food and decoration inspiration for my party. 

2. Theme & Dresscode
For my birthday I would like to have a theme and dresscode. Nothing too bold, but something like glitter or black and white etc. I haven't decided on a theme yet, I think it's one of the hardest things to come up with, because I wanna be original. 
In august, I had a 21 dinner party of my roommate. Her theme was black and white and so was the dresscode. I really loved how everyone was dressed for the dresscode, so I would like to have a dresscode too. Maybe something with glitter or velvet, to stay in the festive vibes and those are trends that I love right now. 

3. Time & date
I am planning on celebrating my birthday on a Saturday, on November 18 in the late afternoon and evening. I am turning 22 on November 19, so at midnight it's my birthday. There isn't a more perfect date, right? ;)

4. Invitations
When you have decided on a theme and date, it is time for one of the most fun parts: the invitations! You can make a private facebook event or send messages via WhatsApp, but I prefer to have a real invitation card. You can send them by post or online. I am planning on making my invitations with Paperless Post. You can choose between online or paper invitations and there are many different designs and fonts, so you can make it as personal as you like! I will show you some of my favourites below. 
5. Decoration
The dinner party of my roommate had the most amazing decoration. I definitely got some inspiration there for my own birthday party. I am using my Pinterest board to get some ideas, but I am also looking at budget and home stores to see what the options are. I definitely want some cool lights and balloons, but I am not sure about all the decoration at the moment, because I haven't decided on a theme yet. I first have to decide on that, I probably will show you some pictures on the blog or my Instagram of the decoration after my birthday party. You can find some pictures of my roommate's party below.
6. Food & Drinks
For the food and drinks, I am also getting my inspiration from Pinterest, like I have showed you earlier. I am thinking of doing a buffer, instead of a dinner, so it is a little more laidback. I am thinking of making different little dishes, maybe some kind of tapas. I also want to make some cocktails and fresh lemonade, and of course, a lot of wine will be there too. One thing is for sure, there won't be too little food and drinks haha! Below, you can find some pictures of my roommate's party again! She is the sweetest for letting me using photos of her dinner in this post! 
7. Music & Photos
Last but not least, I find it very important to have some nice music on in the background. Every year when I celebrated my birthday at home, I made a playlist on Spotify with my favourite music. This is the one time of the year my friends have to listen to my music and can't turn it off haha! I am not a girl who listens to the charts, so I have a lot of alternative music in my playlists that not every friend knows or likes. I also want to have some great photos as a memory of this party. I think I will ask if my parents or my boyfriend wants to make photos during the party haha ;p

So that is how I would plan a party!
I am already excited for my birthday and hope I can plan a party like this! 
Make sure you check out the site of Paperless Post if you're looking for some cute invitations. I'll definitely show you the results of the party after it!
Now it is time to study again, I'll write again soon about my holidays!

xx Sherilynn

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