Spring In Brussels

By Karlijn Hartveld - 20:17:00

Hey everyone!
I went to Brussels with my boyfriend this weekend. We wanted to visit something different so we chose for Belgium instead of London or something. We already went to Antwerp which was nice, but this city has got so much more. I really advice you to visit it sometime! I'll tell you what we did...

So of course we bought a lot of food. The first picture seems like normal chips, but apparently they are 'special'. They are known as the best chips in Belgium. We had to queue for like 20-30 minutes to get them haha. But it was worth it because they were, indeed, delicious. Also we got some chocolate cookies with caramel. Not sure if it is that special but it tasted sooo good. 

On the pictures above you can see some of the culture that you can find in Brussels. I really liked the stuff you could see in this city. We visited the Atomium which was way bigger than I expected. We've also been to a cathedral. The last picture is a part of the Berlin Wall from World War II.

Then at last: the shopping part. I didn't buy as much as normal, but I like what I bought. If you like the stuff and want it yourself, below you can find the shop and price. I've also visited the Abercrombie & Fitch. It was located in a beautiful street with loads of expensive shops. The store itself looked nice as always. I'll also tell you what I whore that day :)

What I bought:
Black sweater: MANGO, 19,99
Black/white blouse: Pimkie, 24,99

My outfit:
Scarf: Zipper, 5.-
Jacket: Topshop, 75,-
Pants: Topshop, 49,99
Shoes: Nike Airmax Thea, 100,-
Choker: Random Paradise Goodies

-xxx- Karlijn

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