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Hey everyone!
As you could have seen we've visited the new (and first) flagship store of Topshop in Amsterdam!
We both got a 50 euro gift card which was awesome.
We'll now show you what we've bought with it. ;)

So I bought a pair of high waisted jeans (black of course). They fit so good! And a black jacket. Unfortunately I still had to pay around 80 euros since the jacket I wanted was quite expensive, but I loved it so it didn't matter. Oh and you'll also get a discount if you're a student and show them your card!

Bomber jacket; €76,-
Black Ripped High-Waisted Jamie Jeans; €57,-

I've bought two things at Topshop: a new pair of black Joni jeans and a hat. I actually put on the hat for fun because I thought it wouldn't look great on me, but when I looked into the mirror I saw it was so my style. Though the hat was pretty expensive, so I went to the Forever 21 to find a cheaper hat, but they didn't have any nice ones. I couldn't leave Amsterdam without the hat so I went back and bought it. I really needed a new pair of jeans and I already have two pair of Jonis, so when I got the giftcard I immediately decided to buy a black pair (again). The Joni jeans are super high-waisted (which is perfect if you're addicted to crop tops like me) and are really stretchy and more important: they stay like that.

Topshop Black High-Waisted Joni Jeans: €50

Black Hat: around €20-€30, I forgot the actual price because I took the price tag off...

I 've also bought two clothing items at Zipper, a cool vintage store in Amsterdam. I got a black and white flannel and a pair of vintage Levi's jeans which were so inexpensive.

Vintage Levi's Jeans: €25
Black & White Flannel: €10

We hope you liked this haul! What was your favourite item? Have you been to the Topshop in Amsterdam already?

x Karlijn & Sherilynn

FYI: this post is not sponsored, all opinions are our own.

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