A Cold Summer Day

By Karlijn Hartveld - 16:25:00

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since we have done a lookbook... So here is one! The heat was unbearable last week, but today the weather was quite chill.  There is some sun, but it is not too warm. So we decided to go the movies. There are a lot of good movies right now, according to us.  We went to see an absolute girl turn on: Magic Mike XXL. 

Read more to take a look at our outfits today for a 'cold' summer day and the movie review:


So today I chose for a split t-shirt, it's pretty chill for this kind of weather. You see those a lot lately in all kind of colors and prints. I chose some my black pants of course, this time with zippers at the bottom. And with my black outfit I wear my new red shoes. These Adidas shoes are from the new shoe line they have. Each color stands for a city. Mine are London. You can see the Big Ben on the back. It's quite a happening for me to buy such striking shoes, but I love them! Oh and btw you can see marks on my arm from our Primark tattoos haha. You can read a review of them in our upcoming Rockwerchter post!

Shirt: River Island (10,-)
Pants: New Look (20,-)
Shoes: Adidas (120,-)
Watch: Michael Kors (250,-)
Ankle bracelet: Primark (2,50)


Because of the weather I went for a sleeved tee and my new pair of Levi's. The t-shirt is from Vogue Nederland (the Dutch Vogue). I got it for free when I bought the June edition of this year and it's such good quality. The fit is perfect and it's really comfy. But I didn't want to wear it like everyone does so I tied it up and made a crop top of it. What do you think? The Levi jeans fit really nice, I love them so much! Definitely one of my summer staples! I'm also wearing my new vintage sunnies from Madrid, I think they look so cool! The necklace that I'm wearing is from Primark and it's the Scorpio version because I'm a Scorpio. ;) Every zodiac sign has his own necklace and you can also buy matching rings. 
Oh, by the way, maybe you have noticed it yet, but I cut my hair short two months ago and I have no regrets. I love it so much, it's the perfect length for me and pretty easy to style.

T-shirt: Vogue Nederland (free)
Jeans: Levi's (vintage, €25,-)
Shoes: River Island (sale, €18,-)
Sunglasses: Vintage (€10,-)
Necklace: Primark (€2,50)

Magic Mike XXL:
I guess you've all seen the first movie? So the difference is that Mike takes the lead this time. Dallas is gone. The rest of the boys and him are going on a road trip to a stripper convention. During this trip there happens a lot of funny stuff. And of course some sexy stripping ;), especially their performance at the end. It's worth watching it! And worth your money! We also got a little goodie bag they had left from the ladies night for free. Pretty cool haha.

Hope you enjoyed this! What do you think of our looks? Have you seen Magic Mike yet?

Karlijn & Sherilynn

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5 reacties

  1. Amazing outfits! And now I havent seen magic mike yet ;') Not my type of movie to watch in the cinema nope,

    1. Thank you! Haha I can understand, it was just really funny to watch! x

  2. Wat een leuke outfits van beide! Ik vind de adidas schoenen echt zoo gaaf<3 Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe Magic Mike XXL is!!

  3. Great look! Love the Vogue t-shirt :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs