Destination #1: Praque

By Karlijn Hartveld - 20:45:00

Hey everyone! 
Sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm back!
One week ago I came back from my holiday with my boyfriend. First we flew to Praque. After two days we took the train to Budapest and stayed there for a week. At the last day we went to the Sziget festival for one day. It was all so much fun! 

Today I will show you the beauty of one these two cities: Praque.

My boyfriend and I got this idea because we wanted to go to the festival Sziget for our holiday, but a whole week seem too long.. So we decided to do some city tripping in Budapest and go to Sziget for only one day. Because it was very expensive to fly to Budapest we made another plan to get there. Flying to Praque was quite cheap we found out, so we thought it might be fun to travel some more and take the train from there to Budapest. So eventually our journey started at Schiphol airport. We flew to Praque and had lovely flight with good weather. When we arrived we took the metro to our hotel which was near. We got a room that was renovated recently so it looked very good. The only thing that sucked was that there was no air-conditioning. It was horrible to sleep since the weather was around 38 celsius every day and night... We had 1,5-2 days to spend in Praque and it was enough to see a lot of this city. I will tell you about some of the touristic spots we liked the most and one cool thing we found out ourselves. The highlights for us where Karlovy Most, Wenceslas Square and Mala Strana.

Karlovy Most (Charles Bridge):

Karlovy Most is the most famous bridge in Praque. It is the connection between the old and new town. When you enter the bridge you will walk through a gate as you can see below. You can also see the amount of people. It does not really matter at what time you will be there, it is always busy. This is the place where you can make nice pictures with the Vitava river in the background or let artists draw funny cartoons of you. On both sides of the bridges there a some religion statues, all with different stories. Some have gold on them. People say that if you touch them you will have luck in your life. I tried it too ofcourse, no result yet ;)... In the old town there a some cute little restaurants and a place to hang a locker with your loved one. Street musicians will welcome you at the other gate. The view and atmosphere makes it worth visiting. 

Wenceslas Square:

Wenceslas is actually a long street with shops and restaurants. There is height level which makes it cool to stand at the end. At one side there is a square and at the other side there is a monument. In between you can find parks, an old tram renovated to a cafe and some traditional gift shops or restaurants.

Mala Strana: 

So after walking over the Karlovy Most you are in the old town. If you walk a little further you will find a lot of stairs and traditional shops. They make homemade lemonade or typical Czech food. There are also a lot of christmas decoration shops. I have no idea why haha. The stairs are hard to climb with the heat, but it is definitely worth it. Above you will find not only a beautiful view over the city, but also the palace and the St. Nicolas church. Same as in London you will find guard watchers. After we checked everything out we enjoyed a local beer at a panorama cafe they brewed themselves before the climb down.

After the beer we took the non touristic way down. We ended up in some little park. There were fountains and two sort of undeep water pools. It was so lovely to put our feet in the cold water after the climb and the hot weather. More people did it and we could see that there were a lot of inhabitants just chilling. It was nice to be in such a local spot. 

Oh and don't forget to taste the typical Czech food yourself! For example dumplings, you can find them in most restaurants. And also these cinnamon rolls which can be found on the streets:

My conclusion
Food: 7 
Not enough for vegetarians, but meat lovers will have a good time. 
Shops: 8
They have a lot of shopping malls. Literally on every corner. 
People: 5
They don't speak English at all....

Have you ever visited Praque? Let me know your thoughts about it below. 
Later this week my blogpost about Budapest and Sziget will follow!
I will also put on a shoplog about the stuff I bought lately and Sherilynn will too.

-xxx- Karlijn

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  1. I've visited Prague myself this summer and I totally agree with your ratings! The people don't speak English that well,which is inconvenient. But those cinnamon rolls are delicious! x