Destination #2: Budapest

By Karlijn Hartveld - 18:13:00

Hey! Here's part two of my trip!
Today I'll show you the beauty of Budapest! 
I will also give you some tips to make your trip as cheap and pleasurable possible.
In my next post I will show you the island of freedom: Sziget!

So in my last post you could see we visited Praque first. We flew there by plane, stayed there for two days and then it was time to continue our journey. At home we checked plane and train information from Praque to Budapest. We found out that the train was only 20 euros for a seven hour journey. Which is way cheaper than the NS train company in the Netherlands for example haha! I can really recommend you to do this. During the train journey you will also see a lot of nature and you will also come across Bratislava. If you want you can make a stop over there and make the trip longer. The cabin you will get in the train has air-conditioning and even electricity so no worries about that. When we arrived it was only 15 minutes by metro to find our hotel. When we stepped into the hall we were quite scared because it all seemed so old and dirty. The elevator came down with a lot of noise and that made me even more scared. When we arrived upstairs and knocked on the door we suddenly came in such a lovely room. Nice bathroom, a kitchen with everything needed and a big bed. We could survive it here for a week. We booked it on a unknown, but trustworthy holiday website. Make sure you book a room with air-conditioning.. the heat is unbearable so you won't sleep otherwise. 

I will now show you the coolest spots of Budapest you should visit:

So because the river the Donau splits Budapest in two halves (Buda and Pest) there are a lot of bridges. They all look different en very cool. The green bridge, liberty bridge, was the nearest to our hotel. If you cross the bridge you will find a couple of places to climb. You have the Gellart hill, which you can see above. And Buda's castle, which you can see below (the night picture). I've climbed one at day and at night. The view is amazing! Same as the fisherman's bastion, which is the third picture. We've also visited Heroes Square, the last picture. Which is next to a very nice park where I will talk about in a minute.

So if there is one thing you will need in Budapest, it is water. well if the temperature is the same as it was when I was there. Walking is very exhausting in the hot sun, so make sure you will take some rest sometime. Some good spots are: 
Marget Island, a little island in the Donau. It consists of a great park with this gigantic fountain. It has a water and light show with music. Very fun and refreshing to check out.

The footbath in the middle of the centre. Everyone from every age sits down here to have a little chat, play cards or drink something. Many young people see this a place to hang around. Fun at every time at the day.

The fountain in the middle of szechenyi park. You can rent a watercycle here or just relax. The park is next to Heroes square.

When you walk further from the fountain and deeper into the park, you will find the Szechenyi spa. Another way to escape the heat. It has around 18 pools. It is the oldest in east-europe. There are more spa's but this is meant to be the most beautiful one.

So my last advice is to visit the Balaton lake. It is around 2 hours by train from Budapest. The train delays every hour even in the middle of the night. We went to Siofok, the popular party destination in Hungary. We had a lovely day at the lake and in the evening we had a drink and a little dance in one of the clubs.

Local food and drinks:

My tip is to order honey cake as dessert and homemade lemonade as your drink. It is both not very usual in the Netherlands and I believe more country's. The cake doesn't taste like honey at all, more like hazelnut. It is amazing. Same as the lemonade. You will get 0,5 liter most of the time. You choose a flavor, for example raspberry, and they will put loads of fresh fruits in your glass. Delicious and a lot. It will cost no more then 2 euros.

Hungary is the perfect place for a cheap holiday. The food in restaurants is sometimes even 0,50 cents. For example a soup or pancake. Can you imagine? The train is cheap and most attractions are for free!

Have you ever visited Hungary or Budapest before? Leave your thoughts below!
Soon my post about Sziget will follow, so stay tuned.

-xxx- Karlijn 

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