Collective Haul: Shoes, Topshop, Beauty and University Stuff

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 08:25:00

Hey guys!

This week I've had my first week of University after a long holiday. These last months have been full of fun things and it's been the best summer so far for me. Of course I did some shopping during this months and today I'm showing you my new stuff in this collective haul. Read more to find out what I've bought!

I haven't bought many clothes lately, I'm pretty satisfied with my summer collection. But when I went to Amsterdam with my mom I had to go to Topshop again and I couldn't leave these two beauties behind. I love the colour of the crop top so much, so 70s! And the playsuit, oh my, it's so gorgeous! It's from the Petite range but it fits amazing. I think it is perfect for a night out or dinner, it looks so fancy! The top was €16 and the playsuit €44. 

The next thing I wanted to show you, are these stunning babes. Before I went to France I had seen them on sale at the New Look website and I fell in love but I wasn't sure about them yet. So in Paris I went to New Look to see if they were selling these too, but unfortunately they didn't. When I came back from France they were still on sale and also had them in my size, it was meant to be. And I have no regrets, they are so beautiful! They are pretty high but thanks to the platform they don't torture my ankles that much. :) They were first €50 but I got them for only €20! 

I needed some new flat sandals and in France I found these two pair at some budget shoe store.  Together they were only €17 and for budget shoes they're really comfy so I couldn't leave them behind. ;)

I also had to buy some stuff for University. At Primark I found this amazing bag for only €7! It's pretty big, definitely big enough for my study books. I also bought a new wallet (black of course),  a planner (I can't live without a planner, otherwise my life would be so chaotic) and a pencil case for my many pens and markers.

In France you have this huge multimedia store called Fnac, which is one of my favourite stores ever. So when I saw there was one in Melun, the city near our camping, I had to go there. I always love to buy CDs for my collection and this time I bought four for only €20! I bought the new album of my favourite band Linkin Park called 'The Hunting Party', 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' by Franz Ferdinand, 'AM' by Arctic Monkeys (this was the only CD I didn't had of them yet :)) and I also bought Muse's 'Black Holes and Revelations' for my dad's birthday (but I think I'll borrow it a lot haha ;)).

I also bought some beauty products and a new watch. I've been looking for a watch like this for a few months but I couldn't find the perfect one. When I went to New Look in Paris I saw this watch which was on sale for only €8.99 and I just had to get it haha. At a local budget store I found these W7's products and I wanted to try them out. If you want a review about one of these products, leave a comment below! At Sephora, I bought this Sephora beauty blender. I've forgotten the price, I'm sorry, but if you want a review of this beauty blender too, leave a comment below!

What's your favourite item of this haul? Have you started school/college/university yet?

xx Sherilynn

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