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By Karlijn Hartveld - 18:11:00

Hi everyone!

Last summer I went to Praque and they had a Sephora over there! I brought some stuff of their own brand with me. Unbelievable the store left the Netherlands.. anyway read more to see what I bought :) 

I did not really expect to come across a Sephora in Czech. I still do not get why they closed all of the stores in the Netherlands. There is a website though, but to pay 10 euro extra shipping costs for a 3 euro product is a little bit overrating according to me.

Today I will show you the beauty products I bought at Sephora, from their own brand:

So at first the egg lip balm. I saw a lot of them online and I wanted to try one for myself. I already have the bordeaux matte MAC lipstick and I wanted to try something completely different. My boyfriend said I should pick the pink one. I'm not sure yet if his advice is the best haha, but I like the shape. It is very handy to use and easy to bring with you.
(9 euro)

The next make-up thing I got is glitter powder. Same as with the lipstick, I see a lot of people using those glitters when they make-up for a party. They add it to their eye shadow. I think it looks cool and I can not wait to use it. I tried it a little already and it seems good. Oh and it was in the sale!
(1 euro and 75 cents)

When I walked further to through the store I noticed a whole line of beauty products, all in like 20 kind of smells. They had them in shower gels, body lotions or different shapes of soaps and cubes. I went for the bath cubes. Lately I'm a big fan of green tea so I decided to pick that one. The other one is blueberry, a classic good smell. You have to buy more than one, because for a proper big bath you will need a couple of them. They might be not as good as the lush ones, but they are a cheaper option to have a lovely smell. 
(1 euro each)

So I bought some more stuff from that line. They had face masks, but I have enough of those at home. I saw they sold eye masks and I just had to try them. I have bags underneath my eyes all time. Well who hasn't? They had them in the same smells as the bath cubes and co. But, there was also a choice as in what you wanted to reach. The red, pomegranate one, is to prevent tiredness and give you more energy. The green tea one is to relax and refresh. For example there were also ones for aging. I would recommend you this. It feels quite good. The bags do not completely disappear, but it seems good for your skin. 
(3 euro each)

As a present for my purchases they gave me this small Calvin Klein perfume. It actually smells really good so that makes it even better. 

Thanks for reading and share your thoughts! To me, Sephora should get back in the Netherlands. On the other hand it is always cool to go on a holiday and come back with stuff they do not have in your own country. Plan a visit when you are near to a store! 

Let me know what your favorite products are. 

-xxx- Karlijn 

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