OOTD: Beach Vibes

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 14:55:00

Last week I went to the beach at Scheveningen with my 'psycho chicks' to have a picknick. I forgot how much I love the beach. The sea can really relax me and I just love to watch it. The weather was amazing, finally summer in Holland! Well, for one day haha.
Anyways, I asked my friend Vivianne to take some pictures of me on the beach, and we ended up taking 80 pictures haha. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures, and definitely credits to her for these cool photographs! 
Let me know what you think of the outfit and pictures! You can find the outfit details at the end of the post, enjoy!

Striped shirt: H&M
White crop top: Stradivarius
Black distressed high waisted shorts: Primark
Sunnies: I AM

So what do you think of this outfit?
Are you a beach lover too?

xx Sherilynn

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