Berlin Diaries

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 11:13:00

In July I've been to Berlin & Prague with one of my best friends, Eline. Today I'm sharing my photos of Berlin with you! We both went for the second time to Berlin, the first time we went with school (blogpost here). We wanted to see some new things, and a bit more alternative places. That's why we visited the district Friedrichschain. Here you can find the Urban Spree, full with graffiti, biergartens and clubs. I loved it so much! Also, the food in this district is really cheap, so if you're on a budget, you should definitely visit this district. The Urban Spree is near to the U-Bahn/S-Bahn station Warschauer Platz (the same station as for the Berlin Wall). 

Another favourite spot of my trip to Berlin this year are the Hackeshe Höfe. I love the fact that, when you walk into these alleys, it feels like you're in a complete different district than the Hackesher Markt (where you can find lots of restaurants, I recommend Olla at the Monbijoupark S-Bögen!). I just loved the buildings, so colourful and full with plants. I couldn't resist to take lots of pictures of this place. The most amazing part of it, was an alley next to the Hackeshe Höfe, on the Rosenthaler Straße. It is completely the opposite of the Hackeshe Höfe, and again I felt like I was in a different district. This alley is for me something typical for Berlin: a lot of street art and random cafes/hotspots. It's hard to describe, you should go see it for yourself, but for now you can enjoy the pictures I took there. ;) 

Lastly, we visited our favourite hotspot of our schooltrip to Berlin, YAAM. It was even better this time! The weather was amazing so we decided to chill out there during our last afternoon in Berlin. We had some beers and just enjoyed the beautiful sight on the Spree. Also, Berlin is known for its nightlife, and of course we had to go out. We didn't go to one of the famous Techno clubs, because they were closed, but we did go to Matrix, underneath the U-Bahn Warschauer Platz. They have different rooms with different genres of music, and you can find lots of international students here. We had a blast that night!

I hoped you enjoyed this post! Berlin was amazing again, and I'm probably going back again some time! I will post my "Prague Diaries", the second part of my trip, as soon as I can!

Have you ever been to Berlin?
What's your favourite hotspot of Berlin?

x Sherilynn

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  1. All of the photos look incredible! I've actually never been to Berlin yet, bit bummed, I'd love to go!

    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thank you! You should really go some time, it's such a lovely city!

  2. Replies
    1. I know right, definitely one of my fav cities in Europe :)