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By Karlijn Hartveld - 15:18:00

Hi everyone!

Today I wanna show you this amazing spot in England. This country has way more to offer than London or the other big cities. Take a look!

It has been a realllly long time since I wrote a blogpost. In the meantime I moved to England in September for my study. I am following some courses at Solent Uni in Southampton until the end of January. I have to admit... Southampton is not that interesting. And there already are tons of study abroad posts. But this a good opportunity to discover some more in this beautiful country and to show that to you! And who said it always rains in the United Kingdom?! I've only seen the sun. 

The Isle of Wight 

The name might seem familiar, that's because there's also an island festival. Just like Sziget. This island in the southern of England is definitely a must-see. You can take the ferry from Southampton harbor or another city on the coastline. From Southampton it will bring you to the Isle of Wight within 50 minutes. 

Once you arrived you will see it is very big. One day is not enough and I might go back another time. So I visited one of the castles and The Needles. The road to the castle was pretty fun too. I advice you to bike or take a busticket for a day. The castle was really big, but the entry was 13 pounds which we found too much. We walked around and found a nice spot to picknick next to the castles' walls. The view is stunning everywhere because of the height difference. 


After the castle we took off to The Needles. They are some big mountain tops who are showing off above the water like they are needles. You can take the chair lift on top of the hill to go down to one of the best beaches of the island. The view in the chairlift is so stunning and you can see the needles very well. 

Would you like to visit it? 

-xxx- Karlijn 

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