A Walk Through Delfshaven #RotterdamCityGuide

Hi everyone!  If you have read my  last post , I have summer break right now and more time to blog, finally. Today's po...

Hi everyone! 
If you have read my last post, I have summer break right now and more time to blog, finally. Today's post is all about a part in Rotterdam, where I have never been before (shame on me): Delfshaven. Delfhaven is a historical part of Rotterdam that has survived the Second World War bombing, so it is really different compared to the centre of Rotterdam. 
I spent the evening with my lovely friend Annemarie (check out her blog) and we decided to take a walk through Delfshaven during sunset and take some photos. I think the photos turned out amazing (credits to Annemarie's camera & my iPhone6 haha). Delfshaven is such a pretty spot with the canals, boats and old houses, I'd definitely recommend going if you're planning a trip or a day to Rotterdam! If you're not convinced yet, just take a look at the pictures below! ;)

I am a big fan of street art, so I loved these paintings beside the canal. If you love street art, Rotterdam is definitely the place to be, there are even special tours about it!

 The 'Tovertunnel' is a little alley between Historical Delfshaven and new Delfshaven. The walls are covered with paintings and bright coloured lights. Unfortunately, the gate was closed, otherwise I would have taken a bunch of pictures of the paintings.
Aelbrechtskolk 48, Rotterdam

 I wore my black Jamie jeans from Topshop with one of my favourite tops. It has a floral print (my Summer obsession) and it is from Forever21. It wasn't very warm so that's why I wore my bomber jacket from Monki and my white All Stars. Basic outfit, but I love it haha. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos, let me know what you think!
Have you ever been to Delfshaven (or Rotterdam if you're not Dutch haha)?

xx Sherilynn

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