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Hey guys!

It has been a while but I finally have time to blog again! I am  done with my second year of my Bachelor, yesterday I had my last exam and now it is time for summer break!
This year I am going to the Dordogne, France, with my parents for a week and at the end of August I am going to Portugal with my boyfriend. We are going to Porto and Lisbon and some road tripping. If you have any tips, please let me know! Karlijn and I are also going to Lowlands again this year, so excited about that!

I needed some new swimsuits this Summer, because I didn't like my old ones anymore. After scrolling through Pinterest (check out my account), I bumped into the webshop Zaful. I really loved the look of their swimsuits, plus the prices are very low. Before I ordered, I did some research about Zaful online. Zaful is an Asian webshop, so I wanted to be sure it wasn't scam. I also checked the fit of the swimsuits by reading the comments and checking some pictures of other customers. I decided to just order two pieces and just wait and see. 
I ordered both pieces in a Medium, my regular size (I am a size 40 in bikini tops and 36/38 in bottoms, normally), and they fit good. But I would recommend to check the reviews of each piece, because I think every piece fits differently (as usual at Asian webshops). Now let's take a look at the two pieces I have ordered!

First of all, I have ordered this stunning red lace-up bathing suit. I have wanted a one piece for a while, but I couldn't find one I like in stores. That is why I started looking on Zaful. This red piece caught my eye immediately, I am a big fan of red. I also really like the lace-up, a bit of cleavage is always good haha. ;) Normally, I don't like to order swinsuits online, but this time I took the shot. I am really happy with the bathing suit. I think it looks sexy and although it is a bit tight (I think I just have to get used to the fit of a bathing suit), it fits great! The bathing suit has padding (thank god) and the straps can be adjusted. I can't wait to rock this piece this Summer! 
Strappy Lace-Up One Piece Swimwear - €12,22

The second piece I have ordered on Zaful is a bikini. I really liked the design of this bikini with the leaf print and cut-outs in the top and bottoms. It was just what I was looking for, so of course I had to order it. The print looks a bit different than on the webshop, but I like this print more. The top fits perfect (which was a surprise because normally I have always struggles with bikini tops), and the back consists of three horizontal straps which cannot be adjusted. The bottoms are a bit small, but still wearable. I just have to watch out I am not showing my butt too much haha. Besides that, I am very happy with this bikini and I can't wait to rock it on the beach in Portugal! 

Last week, I did some shopping with my mom for our holiday. Most of the time I don't like the bikinis of H&M, because everyone wears them and they're a bit standard, but this time I found this gorgeous red bikini with paisley print. The top is a size 40 and the bottoms are a size 38. The cups are preformed, which keeps everything in place. The design is just a regular triangle bikini, but I think that the colour and print make this bikini more unique.
Unfortunately, I can't find the bikini set on the website of H&M, but the top was €14,99 and the bottoms €9,99. 

Keep in mind that every piece on an Asian webshop is different, it is always possible that the fit or size is different. Always check the reviews before ordering! Also, the shipping will take a while, due to the distance your package has to travel. The shipping time differs for each piece. I received my bikini first and 2 weeks later I got the bathing suit. I kept in touch with Zaful on Facebook about my package, just to be sure I would receive it. 
Lastly, this post is not sponsored, I just want to be helpful and share my experience and opinion with you. 

So, what do you think of my new swimsuits? Have you ordered from Zaful before?

xx Sherilynn

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