Primark Season Musthaves

By Karlijn Hartveld - 15:14:00

Hey everyone!

As you might noticed, the cold is back. It even snows in some places! So to prepare yourself for this weather, I will show you some must-haves from the Primark Autumn and winter collection.

A couple of weeks ago I saw some new clothes in the windows of Primark, the autumn collection was there. I decided to go there immediately since it looked really nice. Within ten minutes my shoppingbag was already packed.

Tuesday I went there again, and some leftovers from autumn were there, but the winter collection was there too! The same happened to my shoppingbag.

This is what I bought the past couple of weeks:

Suede chelsea boots: 17,-

My mum found these shoes and tried them on. I adored them, but she did not fit them.. I tried them and they felt really good. Some people around me said I should definitely buy them haha. So eventually I did. 

Little shoulder bag: 4,50 and the hat: 10,-

I needed a small bag for nights out. This one is perfect, it is not heavy at all and there is a little zipper inside to hide important stuff so it cannot get stolen. The hat was an idea of my mum. I thought hats weren't my thing at all until she put this one up. She said it looked really cool and I actually agreed with her. 

Black and white collar tee: 7,- and the basic shine through neck tee was also 7,-

I really like the print of the shirt on the left. The collar makes it a little cuter. It has some buttons at the back. The shirt on the right is just a basic tee, but still different.

The black V-neck shirt was only 5,- and the grey split shirt was 7,-

The left one might not look very cool at the picture, but combine it with a skirt/skort or just pants and you have a night out outfit. It looks classy. The shirt on the right is quite long and it has a split at both sides. I like the grey black stripe print thing.

The dress was 13,- and the jacket 20,-

The dress at the left is sort of a sweater dress. The sleeves are black, the back also back and his a zipper. The jacket on the right has fur on the inside and some extra at the collar. You can wear it underneath a coat or use as one. It is pretty cosy.

 The striped sweater was 13,- and the cardigan 17,-

I wanted a thick woolen sweater and cardigan for a long time. These too are perfect. They are both actually even too warm for the weather right now.

The coffee mug was 3,50, the scarf 10,- and the gloves also 10,-

I wanted a thermo mug to bring my own coffee from home in the train on cold mornings. I do not want to come out bed earlier to drink some coffee before school or buy some, so this is the perfect solution. Then the gloves, they are real leather gloves and they have fur on the inside. So nice! At last the scarf, it has two sides. One side is the green blocked one as you can see above and the other side is black with white blocks. The scarf is so big you can even use it as a blanket haha!

Let me know if you like my stuff!
If you wrote a Primark post about the collection, send me the link!

-xxx- Karlijn

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6 reacties

  1. wat een leuke aankopen! ik zie nooit zoveel leuks als ik er ben!

    1. Ik ook niet, maar ik raad je aan naar die in Den Haag te gaan!

  2. Leuke items. Ik wil dit ook kopen!

    1. Thanks! Zeker doen, de meeste items zijn in de Primark in Den Haag te vinden.

  3. Super leuke items! Vooral de schoudertas, hoed en het wit zwart blokjes blousje. Helemaal verliefd erop :)
    Liefs, Susan