Late X-mas Shoplog

By Karlijn Hartveld - 15:00:00

Happy new year everyone! 

Christmas is over and the new year has already begun, but I wanna look back a little. I got some gift cards which I have spend in the last few days. I also bought a new Michael Kors bag, got a Victoria's Secret set and some other cute stuff. Check it out! 

To be honest I did not expect to get a lot for christmas, but I kind of did actually. Especially with the gift cards I could buy a lot. I had this ski-accident on my holiday which is the reason I post this a little late haha. I will show my favorite things below!

Michael Kors 
So let's start off with my most expensive, but also most beautiful present. I went on a holiday in Austria and there are some pretty stores over there. I wanted a new bag for a long time and now I found the perfect one. It is too big to be a clutch, so it is more like a small handbag. I love it! I made a good deal with my mum about the price haha.

(MK: 325,-)
I got a gift card for christmas which I could spend at the Bijenkorf. I think the simple tees of Levi's are really cool, so I decided to buy one. I had some money left and that happened to be exactly enough for a pair of Calvin Klein underwear shorts. I already had a black one and they fit really nice.

(CK: 18,-           Levi's: 24,95)

I also got a gift card for HEMA. I especially asked for it. I have a polaroid camera and I heard you could buy those films there for a low price. Urban Outfitters sells it for 28 euros and HEMA for 15, so that is a huge difference. I needed a new iPhone cable too and they had many different types. I also got this 'HAPPY' wooden light as a present. It is pretty cute. 

(6,-  15,-  &  5,-)
My boyfriend also bought me some cool stuff. For example he got me a H&M sweater with diamonds which I really like. He also bought some Victoria's Secret stuff for me. I am absolutely in love with their fragrances and I use them every day. I got a body mist, a body lotion and a shower-gel. Further he bought a pitcher with a pug on it, because I adore those dogs (from Primark). Also I got these old-school Pokemon Pikachu slippers. It was kind of a joke, but I like the effort he made. 

I am very happy with my stuff! Let me know if you like it too!

-xxx- Karlijn 

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2 reacties

  1. Wat een leuke spulletjes!
    &Wat lief dat je vriend zoveel moeite heeft gedaan joh (: