DIY: Caramel Shortbread

By Karlijn Hartveld - 15:35:00

Hi! Today I got this delicious recipe for Caramel Shortcake, bread or cookies. Whatever you want to call it haha. Already hungry? Read more! 

So I am like this huge caramel lover.  I was in Belgium lately and I tasted these caramel shortbread thingies. After a little google research I found the right description and I made them myself. I kind of have like my own way to make these. So if you are interested, try it yourself! It takes around an hour.

Here is stuff you need to buy: 

- 180g self-raising flour 
- 120g butter
- 60g sugar
- Pinch of salt 

Caramel stuffing
- 60g butter
- Tin of condensed milk 
- A tablespoon with syrup (optional)
- Four tablespoons caster sugar 

Chocolate topping
- Two bars of milk chocolate (or your own favorite)

(this one is from Starbucks, it might look better, but it tastes the same haha)

Want to know how to get this delicious recipe? Then get on to it! 

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Mix all of the ingredients together until it is a solid piece of dough. Grease a baking pan with butter and put the dough in it. Put it in the oven, but turn down the degree to 170. It will take around 20-30 minutes for the soil to be done. 

Caramel filling:
Melt the butter in a pan. Do not set the heat too high. Add the milk and sugar. Stir the ingredients together. When there is no sugar left you put the heat up. When the mixture is boiling stir more for 10 minutes. When the caramel is thick enough you can put it on your soil. After you have done this put it in the refrigerator to cool down.

Chocolate topping:
Last step is the quickest! Melt your bars of chocolate au bain marie. If you do not know what it is, google it first! I did not know too haha, my mum taught me. When you are done doing this you can choose how to decorate the topping. If you choose for one kind of chocolate you just throw it over the caramel filling and put the cake back in the refrigerator to get the chocolate hard again. If you want a figure like Starbucks does, you just have to get your imagination started! 


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