Hotspots in Rotterdam #1

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 22:54:00

Hey guys!
How have you been? It's been a long time since we have posted something on our blog, sorry for that! We've both been really busy with our studies, we just couldn't find time to blog. I'm going to try to post more, but it won't be on a weekly base. You can expect a post soon about a new museum in Amsterdam, my study trip to London and Oxford, and probably some summer fashion/festival related posts! Today I'm sharing three of my favourite cafes/bars in Rotterdam with you because I realised I haven't written a post about hotspots in my (kind of) hometown yet. Anyways, enjoy!

Nationale-Nederlanden Douwe Egberts Café 

Stationsplein 25, Rotterdam

The DE cafe next to Rotterdam Central Station is the perfect place to study in the afternoon. I think it's a great working spot to meet up with friends. You can enjoy great coffee like the Chocolate Chip Coffee and mint tea (I've been so addicted to mint tea lately) while studying, and there's free Wi-Fi!

Caffe Booon

Proveniersstraat 31

Near Rotterdam Central Station, on the side of Proveniersplein, you can find this cute little Italian bar and lunch room. The owners are Italian and serve Italian sandwiches, coffee and more. I really liked the interior of this cafe, especially the wooden details. I had a chicken sandwich and a blood orange juice, which tasted amazing. 

Café Pol

Meent 46-48

Last week Karlijn and I went to this cafe, called Café Pol, at the Meent (near Rotterdam Blaak station) to have some beers and nachos.  We went on a Tuesday night, so the bar wasn't crowded and we could relax and chat. We had a great, relaxed evening. We'd definitely recommend this cafe if you just want to go for a drink in town or for some drinks in the weekends.

I hope you liked it!
Have you been to one of these cafes before? What are your favourite bars/cafes in Rotterdam?

x Sherilynn

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6 reacties

  1. Grappig, sommige kende ik nog niet van Rotterdam. Leuk om zo meer te weten te komen! -x-

  2. Ik heb mijn vrijgezellenfeest in Rotterdam gevierd, en daarbij mocht de Skihut niet ontbreken !! Zo geweldig leuk ! :)

    1. Aw wat leuk! Zelf ben ik daar nog nooit geweest, maar lijkt me echt lachen!

  3. Ik moet heel eerlijk bekennen dat ik zelf nog nooit bij 1 van deze zaakjes geweest ben! Cappuccino en Mangiare zijn allebei ook heel tof! Moet je echt een keertje naartoe (MET DE HARDE KERN BIJVOORBEELD) X

    1. Zeker keer heen gaan Ier! En die namen klinken al echt tof! Ik zeg, wanneer Harde Kern date?;) xx