#DutchieInItaly: Verona and her magnificent views

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Hi everyone!

I know it has been a while, but today I am back with another blogpost about my adventures here in Italy! For the ones who don't know, at the moment I am studying a semester at the University of Padova in Italy. I already wrote one post about the city of Padova itself, which you can check out here
Today I will tell you all about the city Verona. I have a lot of pictures because I have been twice in Verona already during my stay here in Italy. So I hope you enjoy the post and let me know if you have been in Verona already and what your favourite sight was! 

My first time in Verona was with an organized day trip of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) of Padova. The ESN people gave us a tour of the top sights, which was really nice since they knew a lot of stories and details about the sights. The second time, I went with Maurice (my boyfriend), who was visiting me during Easter. The weather was so good the second time, we could walk around without a jacket all day! This day, we bought a VeronaCard (Lonely Planet recommendation), which is €18 for 24 hours, and you can visit all the main sights, like the arena, the tower and the Roman theatre, and more with it. 

I think one of the most famous sights of Verona, is the arena, and I can completely understand why. It is such an impressive building! The building originally consisted of three layers, but nowadays it consists of two layers. Only a small part of the third layer, which can be seen in the picture above, is still left. What I really liked of the arena, is that it is still in use today. It is famous for the opera performances and some big artists give concerts here too. For example, Sam Smith will be playing here next weekend! 

One of the squares you will definitely pass during a trip to Verona is the Piazza delle Erbe. This square is the oldest square of Verona and used to be the Roman Market. Nowadays, daily markets and several restaurants can be found at the square. The square is surrounded by several impressive historical buildings such as the Casa dei Mercanti, Palazzo Maffei (which has six statues of gods on the top) and the Torre dei Lamberti. To reach the entrance of the Torre dei Lamberti, you have to cross the Arco della Costa (the arch in the picture above). You will notice that there's a bone, a whalebone actually, hanging in the middle of this arch. Nobody knows how it got in Verona and its origin, but according to the legend, the whalebone will fall on the first truthful and just person that walks through the arch (hasn't happened until now though...). 

With the VeronaCard, my boyfriend and I also visited the Torre dei Lamberti. With its 84 metres, it is the largest tower of Verona. We had to wait in line for a while, but when we finally went up the stairs  (368 steps), it was definitely worth the wait. From the tower, you have a 360 degrees view on Verona, which is so beautiful! In the picture, you can see the  Piazza delle Erbe and the statues of the gods on top of Palazzo Maffei. I would really recommend visiting the tower if you love stunning views as much as I do!

Another thing I would recommend doing, is a walk from the centre to the river, in the direction of the Ponte Pietra. From the riverside, you have a beautiful view of Castel San Pietro.

When you walk towards the Ponte Pietra, you will probably notice this gelateria. If I were you, I would get some gelato there, it is delicious!

If you want to visit Castel San Pietro, you can cross the Ponte Pietra, which will lead you to the stairs that go up the hill to San Pietro. You can also take the funicular, but the stairs are surrounded by beautiful coloured houses, so I would recommend taking the stairs. You can also stop at several points to enjoy the stunning view. 

The view from Castel San Pietro is so beautiful! You can see the Ponte Pietra and the Duomo of Verona in the picture above. I could spend the whole afternoon here, just taking in the view, but then I probably would have missed some other nice spots and views... ;)

Another spot (with another amazing view haha) you have to visit in Verona, is the Teatro Romano.  The archaeological museum is located here too and you can visit both with the VeronaCard. They were busy with reconstructions when we visited the theatre, but it still looked very pretty.  And the view, should I say more? During summer, the theatre is also used for music shows. Why don't we have this kind of concert venues in the Netherlands??

So Verona has a lot of beautiful sights with amazing views. However, don't forget to just wander around the city! The streets are full of colourful cute houses, which will give you ultimate Italian vibes (and nice pictures haha).

Oh, and there is one sight I would recommend to avoid, Casa di Giulietta. It is way too crowded there and the balcony is not even that pretty haha. You can find way more beautiful balconies in the city!

I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures! Let me know what you think and if you have ever been in Verona! If you want to get a notification of any new posts, submit your e-mail on the right! :)


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