Welcome to our blog! 
We are Karlijn and Sherilynn, two students from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Karlijn studies Journalism at Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg and Sherilynn is a Psychology student at University Leiden. We love fashion and creating our own style and that's why we've started this blog. Besides fashion, we both can't live without music and we love travelling. Right now, we are both abroad. Karlijn is doing an internship in Capetown, South Africa and Sherilynn is studying a semester in Padova, Italy. You can expect stories about our adventures abroad and fashion-related stuff!
Why NovemberMarch?
For our blogname we combined the months of our birthdays. Sherilynn's birthday is on November 19th and Karlijn's birthday is on March 27th.

For any questions, business inquiries or PR, you can send an e-mail to!

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