Concert Life #1: The 1975 & The Neighbourhood

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 16:17:00

I thought it would be nice to write our first post about concerts, because Karlijn and I love to go to concerts. We've been to many the past three years and I thought I'd share the ones we've been to lately. In October we've been to two concerts of two bands you may not know: The 1975 and The Neighbourhood. We hadn't seen The NBHD live yet, but The 1975 was the third time this year.

On October 4th we went to the 1975 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. It was on a Saturday so we went early, well, we thought it was early. Around 1 PM we arrived at the venue and then we found out there were already 120 people waiting, some had been queuing since 6 AM, what the ?? But eventually we still had nice spots, thanks to a friend. The concert itself was amazing! Seriously, I can't get enough of Matty he gets better and hotter every time I see him. He was dressed in white from head to toe, instead of black and he looked like an angel. 

finally our prayers had been heard: matty half naked
we stood in front of Adam, he's so cute
Unfortunately, we didn't meet them this time, but we met them back in March when we saw them live first for Karlijn's bday.

On October 20th we saw the Neighbourhood live at Paradiso-Noord, Amsterdam. It was the smallest venue we've been to yet, the capacity was only 550. Luckily, we had autumn holidays so we could go early to Amsterdam. There were only 20 people queuing when we came at the venue, just perfect. We met some really nice girls and we ordered a pizza, perfect day. The show was so much fun, but it was really short, only one hour. They could've played more songs, but it was okay because we stood front row, between Jesse and Zach(my bae), in front of Mikey. I can't wait to see them live again, but hopefully they will do a longer setlist and play my favorite songs.

jesse was so stoned and he was laughing and smiling so much.
zach tho
Do you know and like The 1975 and The NBHD?

x Sherilynn

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