Antwerp Fall/Winter Haul

By Sherilynn van der Schoor - 12:05:00

Last Thursday I went with my friend Annemarie to Antwerp. It's only 1,5 hours traveling by train 'till you're in a different country and in a beautiful city. This was the fourth time Antwerp for me, I've been there twice for a concert and once for some shopping. This time I went shopping again but I also did some sightseeing. My outfit post and the sightseeing photos will be posted later. In this post I'll be showing you what I purchased. I bought some stuff at Forever21, Urban Outfitters and my fav store Brandy Melville. 


I'll start with the biggest bag. I really love Forever21. Most of the time I just order clothes online, because in Holland we only have a F21 in Amsterdam which is not close to where I live. The F21 in Antwerp is one of my faves, because it is not so crowded as the other F21s, like the one in Amsterdam. This time there wasn't even a queue for the changing rooms. 
From the second I walked into the store I went crazy. I found around 12 clothing items I wanted to try-on but I only bought four. I also bought one accessory. 

I bought two simple knit sweaters, a black one and a green one. I don't have many sweaters and it's starting to get colder so I'm gonna need them. They were both €14,95. Fun fact, I wear a lot of black and monochrome, that's why the green sweater is the only coloured item I've bought, oops. 

I also bought a monochrome midi skirt, because it's almost my 19th birthday (November 19) and I need something to wear for going out. I really like the simple print of it and it is high-waisted and I love high-waisted skirts and jeans. It was only €10,45. 

The last clothing item is a simple black cami top. They're only €2 and my mum really wanted a new one so I bought one for her. 

Onto the only accessory I've bought during this shopping trip: a scarf. I seriously never buy scarves because I'm not really fond of them, but when I saw this one I fell in love. I love the houndstooth print so much and this scarf has houndstooth all over it. It's also pretty thick, perfect for Winter time. I'm not sure yet how I'm gonna style it, but when I do, I'll make a post about it. 

Urban Outfitters: 

UO is such a great store, but unfortunately way too expensive. I always check their sale section, because sometimes they have really cool stuff for affordable prices. This time I found a white chiffon blouse with lace from €59 to only €14 (!). A blouse is again something I don't really wear, but this one is so cute and it's a bit oversized and for €14 I couldn't not buy it. 

Brandy Melville:

As I said before Brandy is my favourite store. Every time I get there I just wanna buy the whole store. I don't go to Brandy every month, but that's a positive thing for my bank account. I wish I could go though, but there's only a Brandy Melville in Amsterdam, again. I bought two things and I got such a big compliment. I went to pay my stuff and the girl who was helping me asked me if I lived in Antwerp.  She said they were looking for some new Brandy girls and I really looked like one. Damn, I wish I wasn't Dutch and could've said yes. I love the style of Brandy girls and being compared to them is such a big compliment for me. 
Onto the clothes! I bought a striped t-shirt dress for €20. I already have a black one and it's so comfy so I wanted to buy another one. I have a thing for stripes by the way, especially black and white stripes. Can't wait to style this dress with some tights, Chelsea boots and an oversized denim jacket. 

The last clothing item I bought is a long thin black knit cardigan. This is my third Brandy cardigan, I just love them so much and you can never have to much cardigans, right? I already have a navy one and a cream one, but not a black one yet. So when I saw this cardigan and saw the price I knew I would regret it if I didn't buy this. It was only €25! I say only because normally their cardigans are around €50 so this is really cheap for Brandy. 

I hope you liked this haul and the things I've bought! 

What item do you like the most? What's your favourite store?

x Sherilynn

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