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By Karlijn Hartveld - 10:56:00

Hey here I am again! I wanted to do a little throwback to 2014 since it is 2015 now. Sherilynn and I have some really good memories to last year. I'll give a list of the highlights:

- Meeting the 1975. So this happened in March. Sherilynn gave tickets for their concert for my birthday! It was the first time seeing them and definitely the best. We stood front row and got to meet them afterwards. Like you can see at our first post we saw them again in october. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet them that day.


- At the end of april we celebrate queensday or kingsday. Depends if our country has a king or queen. So this year we went to a big festival in Amsterdam. People like Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Armin van Buuren performed.

- Another good memory was our trip to London. We did a lot of shopping. The best shops are all in one or two streets. UO, Topshop, Brandy Melville, American Apparel, Victoria's Secret and some others. Sherilynn went sightseeing when I went to see One Direction and I stood front row and omg it was unbelievably amazing. We also went clubbing which was horrible haha.. The music kinda sucks and the people too. I think we went to the wrong club though..

- After our trip in London, One Direction and their support act 5sos came to the Netherlands. I went to the airport to meet them and with good luck! Unfortunately Sherilynn had to leave earlier and she didn't meet them.. :(


- In july we went to Rockwerchter. Our first festival. We only went for one day, but it was perfect. We saw the 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Foster the People, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding and some more. This year we are going to be there the whole weekend! Can't wait!


- After summer break we also had a lot of cool stuff on the planning. At first in September we had a concert of the Janoskians. We bought meet and greet tickets, but we also met them in Amsterdam. Pure coincidence though! We were driving through the streets, next to backside of the venue, looking for a parking spot when suddenly Luke, James and Jai came out of a door. I immediately stopped the car on some sidewalk and we all jumped out to run to them. When we reached them security was pissed as fuck and told us to leave. I said we only wanted one picture and that I put my car on a forbidden place for them. James begged him and we got our picture. It quite failed as you can see, because Jai and our other friend isn't even on it. So the next moment he wanted to go before other fans showed up. James heard I had a car and he asked the security if we could go to the kebas store with my car. I was like um yeah sure! So I told him my windows are black. He agreed, totally unexpected, and I went to grab my car. James, Luke and Jai sat on my backseat and the security guy next to me. But there was no space for Sherilynn and my other friend. So I said go sit on their lap! But the security guy wasn't really in for a joke and the moment he saw girls running around the corner he told, well actually screamed at me, that I had to drive.. So that was a pity for them.. but yeah after the ride they went to eat. At the meet and greet they recognized us which was fun.



- So further we got a concert of the 1975 again and the Neighbourhood, but we already told about that here. Also Sherilynn got a concert of Linkin Park in november, which is her fav band. So that was an amazing experience for her and she stood so close. I had one of Ed Sheeran. We saw him live together in 2012 and that was so good and this was also perfect. Amazing how only he and his guitar can make a 2 hour show so interesting.


So that was kind of our year! Many more things happened, but these were definitely our best moments! Maybe you've went to one or more of these events too? Let us know! And of course how you've experienced it!

x Karlijn

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