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By Karlijn Hartveld - 18:19:00

Hey everyone! Here's my first post on our blog. It's about eBay. I guess you all know this website? Well for the one's who don't know I'll explain it shortly. eBay is an online place where you can buy literally everything you want. But from other people. It's not some webshop. Some people sell stuff they already used, but there are also some people with their own new made stuff. The big plus to eBay is that most of it is enormously cheap. I'll show the stuff I bought and give you the prices in a minute. You can choose if you want to go to eBay.com or eBay.nl (nl=netherlands). It doesn't matter if you order stuff from an another country. Most of the time you have more possibilities on eBay.com though. The only problem you might have is that there can be shipping costs. And sometimes they don't ship it to your country. So now I've explained it all I'll name the stuff I ordered. I did that at the end of november. Some of those things arrived only like a week later, but others arrived yesterday.. I've heard stories of people being ripped of. Luckily I only have good experiences with this website. Although I would never buy something really expensive there. Anyway here's what I got:

At first I got two iPhone 5 cases. The tfios one was 1 dollar (around 0,80 cents), the pikachu one 3 dollars (around 2 euro) and that without shippings costs!! In the store you buy those cases for around 15 euros and they aren't cool.

Secondly I bought a lot of jewelry. I got five necklaces (the silver one also in gold), two chokers and a bracelet. It al cost 1 dollar each. Can you believe the price?! Two of my necklaces are still not here  :(..


I also got a scarf. I put the picture of eBay next to it. It was 5 dollars which is around 3,90 euros.

At last I bought some stickers. They are actually the best stickers ever because they are all of the emoji's you got on your phone. They made two stickers of the cutest emoji's. This was also the most expensive purchase I did. 6 dollars, which is around 4,60 in euros.

I have to say the quality of my scarf and phone cases are really good. The jewelry a little bit less. But it's not that big of a deal if it breaks within a couple of weeks because it was only 80 cents :)
I'd advise you all to buy some stuff there! Especially things like chokers which are absolutely cool at the moment. You can get them for a nice offer so when you don't wanna wear them anymore it's okay because again, it was only 80 cents haha!

x Karlijn

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